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Welcome to my website that is being developed during this year, and hopefully it will be more FUN as I also get to play more gigs... but I'm only 14 at start of website in April 2018.

I started playing guitar when I was 9, and into the recording studio for my first experience of recording for my 10th birthday, with an idea that I'd been working on with my guitar tutor [Jim] for a couple of months. I had some ideas of just playing something with guitar layers that were recorded and then mixed by the sound engineer, who also added the vocal track as he knew the artist I was covering on guitar. My version of 'Road To Hell'. My friend Adam did the drum track. The studio engineer was surprised at what I wanted and how I wanted to record.

I started playing live with a few open mic gigs when I was 11, and played a mix of Led Zeppelin and Muse [with backing tracks] and Classical pieces, and also my first original piece 'River Song' - LOL. Ha Ha... watch out for Free download internet backing tracks! Using a version for 'Black Dog' got me a World Wide take-down... but then it was sorted when my video went on a Led Zep Facebook fan and history page. It is now back on YouTube (see my Youtube link page). I also ended up getting a copy of the book of photos 'JIMMY PAGE by Jimmy Page' for playing my own solo!

By 12... I was playing local open mic and some support sets for different bands, and met a few interesting musicians that my Dad knew through his motorsport links, as well as chatting to people at a few gigs. One of my first main gigs was RavenEye, with Oli Brown. Nearly 18 months after that (age 13) I ended up having some Blues mentoring sessions with Oli at his home... and Great Experience and advice with 15 hours over four sessions.

Age 13... Lots of practice (blues-rock-classical) and technical learning, and developing some original solo pieces for classic blues and rock pieces, and into recording studio with what I consider was my first 'serious' composition. Engineer Simone Filiali, who has engineered for Eric Clapton, has a private studio in Hampton (West London) and I was introduced to him by my link with Bruce & Kit Woolley. This piece was recorded as Julio's Song-001, but it is now titled Infinity Mind (Youtube link page).

Age 14... With more writing and practicing I played some open mic events, and two Festivals in the summer of 2017. I helped organise the festivals and did live mix sound engineer job for a range of bands, with a mix of music genre.

2018 (age 14) started on afternoon of 10th January with a guided visit to RotoSound Music Strings factory and a tour of manufacturing by their Chairman, Jason How. I then headed to Sevenoaks station and I was taken into London for the documentary film premiere of the 'life and career' of Eric Clapton. I was also then seated next to Eric's daughters and wife, and Eric. I even got a brief hello and short chat!

Onwards with 2018 as I start to set up some events, gigs, and festival appearances. More of this information will appear in 'Gig Diary' menu page shortly.

HAPPY NEW YEAR: Had a Great 2018 with some interesting gigs as solo guitar and also as guest guitar joining bands such as Big Wolf Band, JFK Blue, Deep Blues Sea, and Brent Hutchinson. Finished off the year with a private gig on Boxing Day.

2019 now, and starting the year with solo guitar gig playing The Troubadour, London. Other gigs booking up, but I've still got school and GCSE exams during May-June. The 'Big Happening' is that I will be getting a band together, and more on that in March...

Gig Diary has more information and updates...


April: Band is now rehearsing. With Aaron Spiers on bass, and James Mason on drums. Search for vocalist in May-June.



Launch date - March 2018... with various updates ongoing...

Many Thanks for following. Please bookmark and keep updated... &OE


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